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The Super Can

Supercan By Gustavo Raley is an essential tool for your magic

Always imagine creating a gimmick that allows you to achieve great effects with the same element

Supercan is a gimmick specially designed to be introduced in any kind of soda or beer can, so you will be able to change liquids and other elements.

"Much more than a gimmick, hundreds of applications with just one limitation, your imagination..." Gaetan Bloom

"In a word IMAGINE, Supercan is not just an effect, is a fitting preparation for more than 20 effects." David Oliver – Genii Magazine

"Supercan is a powerful device for the performance of any Magician" Kevin James

"Supercan is brilliant, I especially love it when the method is more ingenious than the effect" Gregory Wilson

You can acquire Supercan in 2 different packs:

Supercan Single: one Supercan, labels and video tutorial online

Supercan Double includes two different model cans and video online, with this set you can do the pass pass coke and sprite.

This effect will allow you to perform miracles in front of the spectators.

Supercan will be one of the best investments of your magical life.

Supercan Double
USD $80

Supercan Single
USD $50

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