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The Super Can

This effect will allow you to perform miracles in front of the spectators.

The complete set comes with a DVD with more than 20 magic routines and will be one of the best investments of your magical life.

This effect was presented in two FISM and was the best-selling trick in the World Championship of magic in 2003.


  • The magician opens the can and pours the contents into a glass. The spectator hold the empty can. A silk vanishes with your preferred method then the magician removes from inside the can the dry silk. As if that were not enough, the magician pours the soda from the can in a glass again.
  • Mentally influence spectators to try the drink of your choice.
  • The magician shows a number of cards printed with different patterns of cans and asks the spectator to choice one, then says that in the tin tube is the one elected; he uncovered and is a can of coke. The magician pours coke and drinks some to celebrate that everything went well, but the spectator shows the chosen card and is the Diet Coke, then the magician says no problem Diet Coke is sugar free Coke, takes the can snaps his fingers and pours dry sugar from the can. Now the content of the can should be Diet Coke, but the can still says Coke, then the magician takes the tube cap and the can change even from the outside now is Diet Coke!!

Another possible effect, take a can of sprite and pours sprite in a glass, take a can of Coke and pours Coke in another glass, now take a tube and cover the can of sprite, cover with another tube can of coke. When discover both cans have changed places. The cans are displayed all the time from all sides. But when you pour from the can of sprite is still serving Coke and from the coke can pours sprite, the magician snaps his fingers and now the sprite is sprite and coke is coke. Cans and liquids have traveled.

Another effect is take a can of Coke pour liquid into a glass and then covering it with a handkerchief it instantly transforms into sprite.

Salt be able to travel inside the can which had previously liquid.

A card or a note may appear dry in the can and then pours liquid.

Some professionals said:

"Much more than a gimmick, hundreds of applications with just one limitation, your imagination..." Gaetan Bloom

"In a word IMAGINE, Supercan is not just an effect, is a fitting preparation for more than 20 effects." David Oliver – Genii Magazine

"Supercan is a powerful device for the performance of any Magician" Kevin James

"Supercan is brilliant, I especially love it when the method is more ingenious than the effect" Gregory Wilson

Complet Set
USD $100

Single Set
USD $60